Our Services

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Our Services

Oxon International is a professional recruitment agency that provides all types of professional, skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled labor from Nepal to various companies around the world.

Overseas Recruitment

We are providing overseas recruitment services in the following categories as Engineering / Construction, Information Technology, Hotel and catering, Hospitality, etc.

Travel Management

Our services include handling the entire official documents: original passport, air ticket, and government approval letter to the employee before departure.

Training And Orientation

we create a favorable working approach and environment, Explaining the benefits of working in foreign company, Ease the new hire’s entry into the work group etc

Recruitment Advertising

We are responsible for regularly publishing our clients’ staffing needs in regional and national newspapers.

Candidate matching and interviewing

Our skilled and semi-skilled candidates are selected through a rigorous criteria filtering process.

Job Categories

We serve as a bridge between employees and employers to meet their employment needs.

Hospitality and Services

Positions related to housekeeping, restaurant, steward, guest relations officer

Electrical Division

Jobs related to industrial electricians, HVAC technicians, duct and insulation installers, and electrical contractors.

Skilled laborers

Plumbers, welders (arc and gas), masons, carpenters, steel repair workers


Auto Mechanic (Diesel/Petrol) Auto Electrician Denter and Spray Painter

Security and Safety

Guards, Watchman, Timekeepers, Safety Officers

Medical Health Personnels

People with basic activities of daily living, such as the elderly, the disabled, and those suffering from chronic or mental illnesses.